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Currently we are supplying the following solar panels:

LG Solar Panels

By choosing the premium and efficient NeON 2 panels by LG can over the years save you money on your electricity bills and installation cost, when compared with standard panels. The NeON 2 not only generates solid electricity output, but with their black anodised frame and 12 wire busbars also win in stylish appearance. If you are seeking a premium solar product the LG NeON2 panels are for you.

The LG NeON panels are available in a monster 315W size and the best thing about them is they are the same size as a standard 250w solar panel! They are ideal if you a have a shortage of roof space and trying to extract maximum output or what great output per kW installed. LG solar panels are tested in their special testing lab not to general IEC standards, for most tests from between 2 and up to four (4) times the IEC standards, ensuring a very robust and long lasting solar module.

LG Mono X® 2 (LG280/285S1C-L4)



The latest Mono X® 2 benefits from years of LG research. The fourth generation LG Mono X® 2 has seen many improvements that really matter, from longer warranties and higher efficiency to stronger framing and increased wind loading.

The LG Mono X® 2 will provide decades of clean, reliable energy. Choosing the high quality Mono X® 2 is an investment in superior standards of design, manufacture, back up support and warranties. The high quality is the result of our strong commitment to developing a module that delivers reliable, high output for decades for a peace of mind solar solution.

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LG NeON™ 2 (LG315/320N1C-G4)



The new LG NeON™ 2 has seen many improvements, from longer warranties and higher efficiency to stronger frames and better wind loading. This panel is ideal for homes seeking a visually pleasing solar panel and for roofs where space is tight or where future system expansions are considered e.g. to incorporate battery storage or electric car charging.

The LG NeON™ modules with their double sided cells and CELLO technology absorb light from the front and the back of the module. This technology sets a new standard for innovation and was recognised with the 2015 Photovoltaic Innovation Award at the Intersolar Industry Event in Germany.

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Q CELLS panels has industry leading performance which results in optimised power generation and great return on investment. They have better performance in low light (98% efficiency at 200W/m2) so they generate power earlier and later in the day. A superior temperature power coefficient (-0.42%/C) means great performance in the hot Australian sun. All this leads to superior yields and a solar investment that is paid off sooner.

Q CELLS panels have industry leading quality which contributes to having ‘ultra-reliability’ over the product’s lifetime. Q CELLS has a proven track record in quality. The intense and frequent testing is undertaken by our German engineers and is backed by Q CELLS’ leading 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty (at least 83% power output after 25 years). The “VDE Quality Tested” programme offers the most comprehensive independent quality testing regime in the solar industry sector. Your customer’s solar investment is further protected from performance degradation via our Triple Yield Security - Anti-PID and Hot Spot Protect, all of which is specifically included in our warranty.

QCELLS Polycrystalline (Q.PRO-G4 255-265)

Polycrystalline solar module

The new Q.PRO-G4 is the result of the continued evolution of our Q.PRO family. Thanks to improved power yield, excellent reliability, and highlevel operational safety, the new Q.PRO-G4 generates electricity at a low cost (LCOE) and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Ideal Solution for:

  • Rooftop arrays on residential buildings
  • Rooftop arrays on commercial/industrial buildings
  • Ground-mounted solar power plants
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