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At SOLAR HYBRIDS we are solar hybrid and storage experts. We specialise in not only providing full turnkey solutions from design through to construction, but also converting existing power systems such as diesel generators or grid connected solar systems, into solar hybrid systems. Often our solar hybrid systems incorporate batteries in order to store any excess solar electricity for a variety of uses such as emergency backup power during a blackout, save money by limiting grid usage during peak demand or high tariff periods, or simply to rely less on the grid and maximise the amount of available clean solar energy. For large industrial off-grid systems relying solely on diesel power generation however, often a more cost effective solution to battery storage is to implement a solar PV Diesel Hybrid System commonly referred to as a PV Fuel Saver system.

If you are looking to escape from increasing electricity or diesel prices, avoid blackouts, save money and take control over your power for your home, farm or business, then talk to us; we will find a solution that is best for you.

Giving you control of your energy by

“Saving the sun for a rainy day…”

Our products include:

  • Full Design & Installation of Solar Hybrid Systems'

  • Solar Hybrid conversions of Grid Connected Solar Systems'

  • 'Hybrid Ready' Grid Connected Solar Systems'

  • Off-grid Solar Systems, also known as Stand Alone Power Systems'

  • Solar PV Diesel Hybrid Fuel Saver Systems'


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Our installers are veterans of the solar industry and have installed some of Australia’s largest off-grid solar systems over the past decade. As such they are also registered Solar PV System Auditors and regularly conduct audits of systems on behalf of the Federal Government (Clean Energy Regulator). Clean Energy Regulator investigations show that as many as 20% of Australian solar systems are substandard and require maintenance to ensure they comply with current safety standards and maximise returns.

If your current solar system requires maintenance, or if you have safety or performance concerns regarding your system, and you would like a ‘Solar Health and Safety Check’ performed by an accredited professional, then we can help.

We use the best quality products so you get the best possible results.

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